Sunday Morning Drive

This morning was an early one, 5:30am comes fast when you go to bed around midnight. We woke up early to go see my little sister play soccer in Buffalo. This is her first year of college and she went to play for Alderson Broaddus College in West Virginia.

The drive was well worth it to see her again. She’s only been gone a few weeks but I miss her already. She’s my little sister and always will be. It was a short-lived visit after the game since they had a 5 hour drive back to campus. Of course we had to bring her some things she can’t get there; fuzzy peaches, smarties and ice tea juice boxes to share with her team since they didn’t know what they were.

I hope to go visit her sooner than later but she will most likely be back for the American Thanksgiving before I can get there. Skype and texting will have to do till we can see her again.

I look forward to seeing you again sis!

Love you and miss you, your big brother!


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