I survived!

Waking up to a quiet house yet your stomach twisting and turning with nerves for your first try-a-try. Yup, that was me this past weekend. It was a 400m-swim-10km-bike-2.5km run. I’ve run  a few half-marathons but done nothing like this till now. I completed the race in 50 minutes flat, 49th out of 150 and 5 out of 12 for my age group. All-in-all I think I did well for my first one and will continue to do more next season. Maybe even up it to a sprint triathlon. The training will continue as the winter season approaches and hopefully it won’t slide.


On a side not, I have this urge to blog yet my writing skills are atrocious. Hopefully, I improve as I enter the world of blogging. One can only hope!


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