Thursdays Workout – Boot Camp

no pain no gain

Well lets just say this was hardest Boot Camp class I’ve been to yet. I’m exhausted, sore and will be glad I did it tomorrow.

Tonight’s workout concluded of the following (we used TRX band for portions of it):

  • 30 TRX pikes followed by 2 laps
  • 30 TRX push-ups followed by 2 laps of the bear crawl
  • 30 TRX ab crunches (10 each side and middle) followed by the duck walk

Then we switched it up and did a 10 minute session and had to see how many sets of the following we could do ( complete all 3 for one set).

  • 10 bur-pees
  • 10 push-ups
  • 10 split jump squats

After this, we did a repeat of TRX exercises and then finished off with some core work for about 5 minutes.

I definitely was not too motivated during this session and was actually asking myself “why am I bothering’. Just one of those moments we have sometimes. All in all it was great workout.

Now tomorrow is supposed to be a rest day but I missed my short run yesterday. I’m debating whether I should do the short run tomorrow before my 8 mile long run on Saturday?


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