Long run harder than expected


Today’s 8 mile long run was much harder than I thought it would be. This was due to the humidity causing me to have issues with my breathing for the first little bit. I had a cramp that I couldn’t breathe out which I normally can and shin splints acting up. I still managed to push through the foggy run. The first 4 miles were the hardest. Once I got through the breathing, cramp and shin splints it was much better.

I think I finished in a good time of 1:29 which I think was pretty good. I can’t tell my average cause my iPod isn’t playing very nice at the moment. I really need to get a Garmin watch but not sure which one!

It was foggy and extremely overcast today but still a good run.  I only hope I can keep this up next weekend (Oct. 13) for the half-marathon. I would like to think that I could even pick it up a little bit with race day adrenaline, etc.

Thursdays Workout – Boot Camp

no pain no gain

Well lets just say this was hardest Boot Camp class I’ve been to yet. I’m exhausted, sore and will be glad I did it tomorrow.

Tonight’s workout concluded of the following (we used TRX band for portions of it):

  • 30 TRX pikes followed by 2 laps
  • 30 TRX push-ups followed by 2 laps of the bear crawl
  • 30 TRX ab crunches (10 each side and middle) followed by the duck walk

Then we switched it up and did a 10 minute session and had to see how many sets of the following we could do ( complete all 3 for one set).

  • 10 bur-pees
  • 10 push-ups
  • 10 split jump squats

After this, we did a repeat of TRX exercises and then finished off with some core work for about 5 minutes.

I definitely was not too motivated during this session and was actually asking myself “why am I bothering’. Just one of those moments we have sometimes. All in all it was great workout.

Now tomorrow is supposed to be a rest day but I missed my short run yesterday. I’m debating whether I should do the short run tomorrow before my 8 mile long run on Saturday?

Delicious Simple Dinner

On another blog that I follow Chocolate Covered Race Medals, a simple recipe was shared and look delicious. I thought I would give it a try but modified the ingredients.  I used the following:

  • olive bread
  • spicy hungarian-style salami
  • jalapeno havarti cheese
  • sliced mushrooms
  • cilantro
  • sliced cherry tomato’s


The house smells great and they taste great!! Definitely need to make these more often!

Now onto Boot Camp for our cross-training day and then a 4 mile run tomorrow as we taper down for the half-marathon in 1.5 weeks.

Long run completed

My wife and I completed our long run of 9 miles. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect. I felt pretty good starting out and just kept going. I completed the 9 miles in 1:47:19 and an average time of 7’22/km. I thought this was pretty good and my wife was only 10 minutes behind me. Post run, my legs feel good. I only hope I can keep this pace for the half and even pick it up a little.

I mentioned in my previous post that I would take some pictures on the way, here they are. Due to WordPress not allowing flash, I can’t show the slide show but I can provide the link.

Pictures here!



The weekends long run

It’s just about 9am and I’m still store from boot came the other night. My legs are feeling good but my triceps and my core are feeling some pain. Today’s long run is 9 miles. My wife is still sleeping and I want to get this show on the road. Get the run done early and out of the way so we can enjoy the rest of the day (until she has to go to work that is).

Despite the soreness from boot camp, I’m still looking forward to this run. It’s gorgeous fall weather with crisp cool air, sun shinning and some fall colours starting to appear already. I just might have to take my small camera and take some shots along the run which I’ll post after. Well, before it gets too late in the day to run, I think I’ll go wake my sleeping beauty so we can get this run going.

Google Chromecast


What a great little device this is! I can stream pretty much anything that will play in a browser to my HDTV with a touch of a button. Chromecast officially only supports a few applications Netflix, Google Play, Google Music and Youtube but there are ways to get it to play local content. I can also continue to use my laptop as it plays on my tv. This device has great potential as they expand the applications that it supports.

In my opinion the $35 was well spent and it’s small and can be taken anywhere. Good job Google and I hope to see some upgrades in the near future!