Move Windows Around Quickly Using Your Keyboard in Windows 7

Windows 7: One of the best features of Windows 7 is its keyboard support for moving and arranging application windows. Press the Win key and an arrow key to easily dock windows side-by-side, maximize them, minimize them, and move them to another monitor. 


Move Windows Around Quickly Using Your Keyboard in Windows 7.




Google Chromecast


What a great little device this is! I can stream pretty much anything that will play in a browser to my HDTV with a touch of a button. Chromecast officially only supports a few applications Netflix, Google Play, Google Music and Youtube but there are ways to get it to play local content. I can also continue to use my laptop as it plays on my tv. This device has great potential as they expand the applications that it supports.

In my opinion the $35 was well spent and it’s small and can be taken anywhere. Good job Google and I hope to see some upgrades in the near future!

AquaTop makes bath time fun … and computer friendly

TED Blog

Here at TED, we are big fans of innovative interfaces — from back in 2006, when Jeff Han demoed the multi-touch screen on the TED stage, to 2010 when Tan Le debuted an interface manipulated by brainwaves, to most recently when Jinha Lee showed us how to reach inside our computer screen.

Which is why we were intrigued by Spectrum IEEE highlighting AquaTop, an interface that turns your bathtub into a display for a computer, iPad or Kinect. Engineers at the University of Tokyo Electro Communication Laboratory used the depth camera of a Microsoft Kinect, a ceiling-mounted projector and a bathtub hazy with bath salts to make an interface you can wade around in. AquaTop’s desktop features include a media player you can scoop up or expand in the water, and the ability to delete a file by pulling it down below the surface. Its gaming interface integrates waterproof speakers…

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